Geopathic Stress Assessment

Exposure to certain natural and man-made energies can cause the body stress. Many of these energies are well known, such as natural energy lines running through the earth, ley lines, close proximity to electrical sub-stations, etc. Many people are unaffected by these energies, but for some people, the effect they have on the body is quite significant. Often, once items have been placed to deflect or provide a shield from the energies, symptoms improve. In some cases, exposure to these energies can prevent many healing modalities from being able to take effect.

If geopathic stress is likely to be an issue then I usually start with a few questions about the area in which you live. Then, I ask you to send me a diagram of your home (or workplace) marking significant sites on it such as where your bed and chair or sofa are placed, etc. and also locations of electrical appliances. From this, I identify where there are energies present in your home that are having an adverse effect on you and then return the diagram with suggested sites for placing items such as crystals, essences, plants etc. to shield you & your home (or workplace) from the energies that are affecting you.