Vibrational essences made from the signature or spirit of flowers, trees, places, crystals, etc. are a simple, easy and effective way in which to enhance wellbeing; help focus towards one's goals & aspirations; aid spiritual growth and gently experience the power & potential of the natural world.

Bach flower remedies are well known, but there are a plethora of other essences available, some of which I use alone or combined with other therapies to aid one's journey towards holistic wellbeing.

Essences may be administered in many different ways, the most well known being the drops on the tongue, but other methods such as sprays for the home, placing drops onto pulse points, in the bath, or on more focussed areas of the body can bring about the wondrous results seen by many using essences.

A range of Belerion essences is currently being developed, which includes essences made at sacred sites & containing the energies and spirit of these special places, with the energies of flowers, plants, crystals & stone.

Click here to view the Belerion essence range, or here to download the list as a Word document