Distant Healing

Distance healing is an incredibly useful tool for those who are less able to see a therapist face-to-face due to commitments at work or within the home, mobility problems or location.

For distance work, I assess your case and determine how best to treat you by using dowsing, intuition and the information you have given me. The best strategy for your treatment and well-being is selected from the therapies I practise. Your needs for treatment are assessed daily and the energies set up and sent as appropriate. Often essences are posted to you with instructions for use at home.

All therapies I practice can be used distantly, and work well together, but if you have a preference for only one form of treatment (e.g. essences) then this is respected, and only your preferred type of therapy used. Symptoms can change and shift quite quickly, and it is very important that you contact me at least weekly to let me know how things are progressing, to ensure that the treatment is best adjusted to meet your needs more effectively.

If you (or your child or pet) require some healing work, then please contact me and I will discuss what work is appropriate for you and your situation and what further information I require from you. Please bear in mind that for the treatment of any child under the age of 16, I require written consent from the child's parent or guardian.